The Bliggity Blog

The internet is this VAST and unexplored universe with infinite potential that is just waiting to be created and investigated.

It is unfortunate that I am not the one to do said exploring.

I am an explorer of novels, essays, poetry, and literature. My exploring is in the big comfy chair in my parent’s house with a mug of red tea, wearing the striped sweater my dad gave me, and listening to vinyls play on my pop’s record player. Or on the moldy couches in Madison dorm that are impossible to get out of once you have sat down, but that’s not the point. The point is: exploring how to make a website is going to be a difficult process and the only way I am going to do this and not freak out over not knowing any of this stuff is by wearing my big warm sweaters.

I mean, think about it: what could possibly be more comfortable than a big warm sweater that has been worn in and given to you with love? Answer: nothing. Nothing is better than an old man sweater.

And I finish my 30 second story of why this blog is going to be a comfortable but difficult exploration for me with my grandfather’s personal fashion icon: Mr. Rogers.


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  1. Jim

    You know, now that I think about it, big, warm sweaters are the secret ingredient to success in ds106. And frankly I think you are off to a fine, fine start. What’s more, that picture of Mr. Rogers seals the deal, the aesthetic of your online identity has been authoritatively established with this image.

    Fine work.

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