New reading.

For my British Victorian Lit class, we have moved on from Jane Eyre (FINALLY-seriously, this is the third semester in a row of me reading it) to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Which makes sense because it’s January…

Reasons I’m excited to read this one:

  1. It’s short. It’s more like a long short story than an actual novel (which is awesome for my workload right now).
  2. Charles Dickens is my grandfather’s favorite author. The more Dickens I read, the more I understand why. I told my mom we were reading it and she said, “Your grandfather would be proud.” And that just makes you feel all warm on the inside.
  3. There’s a Disney animated version of it. Naturally, I’ve seen it every year since I was 3 during Christmas time.
  4. Maybe because I am reading it, the heavens will open up and it will ACTUALLY snow…
  5. I get to post another picture of an old man! This here is Scrooge, someone who I will inevitably grow up to be (except I would be grumpy every other day but Christmas. Especially about Valentine’s Day I think).

Yay reading!


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  1. I think it’s hilarious you are taking the old man sweater idea and running with it! 😀

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