Just watch it.

Give it a second:



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7 responses to “Just watch it.

  1. that is kinda creepy but cool 🙂

  2. Jim

    This is very, very haunting. Excellent work!!!! So you get extra credit for this, cause it is one of the additional assignments you can do this week under “Submit an Assignment”

    Very cool.

    • iamonlyamaid

      AH! I am sorry for not stating this, but I didn’t make it. I probably should have already said that earlier. I just e-mailed you, actually. Definitely don’t deserve the credit for it.

      But it is really scary.

  3. Whoah! This is awesome! maybe I should make a gif too, just because ^_^

  4. Kaitlin

    I sat here wondering, why is jimgroom so excited about this? nothings happening.

    then i almost peed my pants.

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