I am obsessed.

Best new procrastinating site ever. Google has teamed up with museums all around the world so that you can view some of the greatest artwork at an amazing quality. Best part? You can zoom in closer than you can probably get if you were to see it in person. Check it out

Here are screenshots of some of my favorites:

Wave by Gustav Courbet:

(I zoomed in at the top of the wave)

Summer by Renoir (I zoomed in on the girl’s face)

Van Gogh is the coolest to zoom in on. The Van Gogh museum has allowed a lot of his works to be put up and it’s amazing.

Self-portrait by Vincent va Gogh (I zoomed in on his eyes).

There are so many more. And if you have a Google account, you can make your own gallery so you can come back to your favorite images (mine’s getting a little huge).



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2 responses to “I am obsessed.

  1. Jim

    This is amazing, and I a gonna get on here sometime this week because I am dying to try this assignment:

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. That’s really great to know! I’m going to use that for when I’m a teacher!

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