Junk mail

Having a junk mail folder is really great. Unless, of course, you get an e-mail from a potential job offer over the summer and it goes into the junk mail folder and you see it right before you clear it out. Naturally, this was about three weeks after the employer sent the e-mail and I have probably missed that window of opportunity. Rage.

You know what else gets put in the junk mail folder? My bill from Cast Iron Coding. So that’s a REALLY good thing I saw that one.

How is that I’m from the generation that has grown up with all this stuff and is supposed to super knowledgable about it, but I can’t even get my e-mail settings to work. I guess I am just proving that I really am an old man when it comes to internet things.



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4 responses to “Junk mail

  1. Jim

    If you are using the @mail.umw.edu address, the Junk Mail is particularly sensitive, and if it is any consolation, i can’t figure it out either. And I ain’t no old man yet, damn it!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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