Minimalist Movie Posters

As I told you in the last post, I decided that we have reached the point in the semester where I can be honest with you: I love Harry Potter. I mean, really love Harry Potter. Not to the extent of writing Fan Fiction (because that’s just too much!) but to the extent where I like to tell my friends when they try and tell me stuff about the books/movies, “There is nothing you know that I don’t already know.”

In honor of this, I have decided to make minimalist movie posters…for the books. I used paint to make them (thanks Megan for letting me use your computer since Macs are too good for Paint).

Book 1:

(The glasses are supposed to be crooked…because Harry always breaks them).

Book 2:

Book 3:

(It’s the moon…or a crystal ball).

Book 7 (Because I don’t want to keep posting a billion of these because I’m sure this is getting old for everyone…and the symbols for the other books are too far beyond my artistic techniques. So, we are just skipping to number 7).

I color coded the deathly hallows so it was obvious they were all different things.

This assignment earlier in the week was really scary, but I think it I did well with only knowing how to use paint (Megan offered to let me use her photoshop but I feel like it would have been too much for this old man).



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10 responses to “Minimalist Movie Posters

  1. Awesome! I love these. I think my favorite is the first one 🙂 Yay for your super paint skills

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  3. Nice! We must have been channeling each other, I had the same thought this morning with HP but went for the book design instead of a movie poster.

    I think I love the first one the best, the glasses and scar are a perfect symbolization for the book that introduces him.

  4. Jim

    I knew the Harry Potter fan fiction was coming, and this time I am prepared for it—having seen almost all the films now.

    I too love the first poster, the red background really nails it. Also, the glasses are at this point iconic, and your picking up on that seals the deal. What’s more, I’m glad you kicked your trepidation aside and went for it, you hit it out of the park. What’s more, simple tools are often the best way because they make you focus your art, and simple in this case was the name of the game, brava!!

  5. this is great!! I want to see the other book covers tho! so go steal megan’s laptop again!!

  6. I like the Prisoner of Azkaban one. It’s so minimalist, but also so perfect! This is awesome!

  7. Kaitlin

    this is just TOO fabulous. I think the first one is my favorite. amazinggg! love love love it.

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