My favorite posts.

My favorite posts have been Megan’s ( Nerd Valentines. They’re so creative and funny and I love them. I would send them to someone. Also, Kaitlin’s ( picture of Russian ice swimmers. She’s so funny and the quote she chose to go over it I think shows her great sense of humor. Also Ivania’s ( slowed down video of our friend Miña using the shake-weight is hilarious. I have no idea how she slowed it down, but I think it’s great how she’s willing to use friends and the ridiculous things they do to make her blog great.

I think the most fun thing for me has been the design of the Harry Potter posters. I was really nervous going into it because, as Megan may attest to, I had ZERO idea of where to even start making them, let alone whether I could or not. I have also loved being able to use old men and their excellent fashion taste to make this blog. The freedom to truly personalize what we do has been great, especially since so few other classes give us anything like it.

And now, an old man of the day (from people of Wal-Mart):

Sometimes, you just want to wear that fancy new hat.


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  1. Thanks Catherine!!!!! :):):):)

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