Tilt shift

Alice is an artist who does some pretty awesome things. My favorite of hers is creating tilt shifts in Van Gogh paintings (posted here). She uses photoshop to create something new out of some of the world’s most famous and notorious art pieces. So creative and wonderfully done. This one is my favorite:



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5 responses to “Tilt shift

  1. Jim

    This is brilliant, and reminds me of this assignment me as well:

  2. Wowzers, wowzers, these are very cool, thanks for sharing this story. And they were done by an art student.

    I’ve tried some tilt-shifting via PhotoShop, its not hard to do basic, but it takes more bones to be able to do these kind.

    Never thought to do anything other than photos.

  3. Jim

    Reminds me of these stereoscopic animated GIFs:

    Which you can then do yourself with this tutorial:

  4. ooh I like this A LOT! so awesome!! 😀

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