I’m going to be home for the next few days! Well, kind of. I’m leading an event and am basically going to be home. I will have everything that I am late on up by Sunday, promise promise promise! This past week has just been crazy trying to get all the work finished for the couple of days I am missing and I won’t have much time on Sunday to get ready for next week, so I had to get that all ready to go, too. *Breathes* Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Also, let’s hope the weather stays like this. I’m having to phase out my old man sweaters in favor of sundresses and skirts because of all this great sunshine and warmth! Don’t worry, I still have my old man loafers that I will always wear, no matter what season.

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  1. old man loafers! yeees!

    also, please make an old man sweater favicon!

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