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Fan Fiction

So, for the last design challenge, I did minimalist posters for Harry Potter.

This time, I wanted to make a minimalist poster for one of my favorite movies (and books-that’s right, I’ve read the books by Michael Crichton), Jurassic Park. The moment I wanted to convey was the first terror inducing part of the film: when the T-Rex starts walking and the water makes its own droplets.



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Final project?

Hmm. I’ve been having a really hard time thinking of a final project idea. I think I’m going to do something with telling stories from different uses of pictures. Not like in the 5 card story assignment we already had, but more like creating pictures to convey different stories. I’m most inspired by the two blogs I already talked about (Hark! a Vagrant who uses comics to tell funny stories of history and literature and Hyperbole and a Half who illustrates funny parts of her stories).

I will post something I have made later today/tomorrow because right now, I have to read 400 poems (warning: little bit exaggerated) for class tomorrow. And I mainly wanted to put this out there so that I had something written that I had to hold myself to. *Affirmative head nod inserted here*

This was almost a waste of a post. I say almost, because now you get the delightful picture of THIS:

Dwight is shouting “WE WILL BURN UTICA TO THE GROUND!” Whilst still in his silly disguise.


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