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Visual Assignment

I present to you, the new Indie Acoustic soft melodies of Radioimmunodetection with their first album,  “At the Expense of Truth.”

This new band of a sweet rabbit and her squirrel background dancers sing titles such as, “Hibernating With you,” “Breaking Into the Vegetable Garden,” and my personal favorite, “Do You Want to Do What Bunnies Do (if you know what I mean)?” This CD is sure to sooth the soul and warm you up on any cold night. On sale now for only seven carrots and twelve acorns! What a steal!

I found the picture from the random Flickr like the assignment said, the last words are from the quote, “Be not so bigoted to any custom as to worship it at the expense of truth” by Johann Georg von Zimmerman (10 points if you comment here and know what he did). I then uploaded the picture to picnik.com and played around with the brightness, the exposure, different color patterns, lighting, and the fonts for the album title. I think I got really lucky with an already cool picture from the random search and a word as pretentious as that could be the name of an Indie band.

Now to figure out what in the world to do for design…Expect some Harry Potter though (how have I had this blog for this long and not outnerded myself with my dedication to HP?).



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