First part of final project!!

Yay!! Ok, so last week we did the Webstory bit with changing of actual websites and such.

So, I applied that to Google to give some highlights from the story of The Great Gatsby. Such as how important symbolism and who even likes Daisy anyway?

It’s a little big for the screen, but if I made it smaller it would be difficult to read. So! If you want to see it fully, click it and that will work.

Now on to the video assignment!


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3 responses to “First part of final project!!

  1. anagahama

    I love the Great Gatsby, and that fact that you changed a boring google search page to an “all about great gatsby” is fantastic.

  2. I read this book in high school (probably just like everybody else) and was surprised to really like it! I like your idea to do a Google search page about it. My favorite link is definitely, “Apparently they made a film. It wasn’t very good.” BAHA. I think I watched the film in high school too, was Robert Redford in it, or am I crazy?

  3. love it! you make some hilarious stuff! keep it up!

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