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Another piece for my final.

So, remember that awkward moment during Star Wars: A New Hope when those storm troopers get Jedi mind-tricked by Obi Wan Kenobi? I had just finished talking with my dad about whether or not we should buy Star Wars on Blue-Ray when my internet went out and I got this page instead of my dad’s facebook. So, naturally, I was inspired to make something for my final:



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I’m going to be home for the next few days! Well, kind of. I’m leading an event and am basically going to be home. I will have everything that I am late on up by Sunday, promise promise promise! This past week has just been crazy trying to get all the work finished for the couple of days I am missing and I won’t have much time on Sunday to get ready for next week, so I had to get that all ready to go, too. *Breathes* Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Also, let’s hope the weather stays like this. I’m having to phase out my old man sweaters in favor of sundresses and skirts because of all this great sunshine and warmth! Don’t worry, I still have my old man loafers that I will always wear, no matter what season.

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Pixar through the ages.

Time for another moment of honesty here: I think Pixar is the best film producing company out there. Their films (with the one exception of Cars because I didn’t like it as much as the others) have been consistently made some of the best movies. Apparently, loads of other people feel this way, and one fan made a truly remarkable film honoring the 25 years Pixar has been making animation:

The songs the video maker featured was:

1.Nemo Egg by Thomas Newman (For quote in beginning)

2.Overture by Michael Kamen

3.Kaneda’s? Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio in D Minor) by John Murphy

4.Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros

(PS: I don’t know how to make the video embedded into the post and not a link, so if someone wants to comment and let me know, I would be eternally grateful-Toy Story reference was made there).

PS: Kaitlin is the smartest person ever.


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I know I’m only a sophomore, but next year I’m going to be a junior. Which means my parents are starting to ask questions and I’m going to need answers. So, I started looking into my future. And what does my future possibly hold? Canada.

I kind of maybe think I want to be a librarian. It’s kind of weird saying that aloud because from the time I was 11 when people asked what I wanted to be I would say, “An adult.” But here’s how librarian school works: it’s a list of masters programs that can qualify you to be a librarian. But if you want to be something other than the little old lady who checks out books at the front desk, you have to go to an ALA accredited school. Which is a small list of schools with programs that follow specific guidelines. This is a smaller list of schools but some of them are really cool. Simmons in Boston is great. But the crown jewel of my future is University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Let me show you why:

And if one were to explore the site’s guide for international students you would find the segment about “Understanding Canadians.” Here is how one is one is to understand Canadians:

  1. “You will make a good impression if you are on time for appointments, meetings, classes, and social engagements. If you cannot keep an appointment or are going to be late, it is expected that you’ll inform those who are expecting you.”
  2. “In most cases, Canadians relate to one another informally. It is acceptable for students to ask questions or even disagree with the professor, if they do so respectfully. Students commonly wear casual attire on campus and use slang among friends.”
  3. “Canadians tend to be polite and apologetic. They say “please” and “thank you” often in social situations. When waiting in line, people line up in an orderly manner and expect others to do the same. When they interrupt or bump into one another, they may say, “Excuse me.”

Now all I want in life is to go to Vancouver. Bring it on two more years of college.


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Just putting this up here.

I need a photo url for this picture so I can use it to make an assignment. Don’t mind me, just uploading this picture from the daily shoot.


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Tilt shift

Alice is an artist who does some pretty awesome things. My favorite of hers is creating tilt shifts in Van Gogh paintings (posted here). She uses photoshop to create something new out of some of the world’s most famous and notorious art pieces. So creative and wonderfully done. This one is my favorite:


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Final project?

Hmm. I’ve been having a really hard time thinking of a final project idea. I think I’m going to do something with telling stories from different uses of pictures. Not like in the 5 card story assignment we already had, but more like creating pictures to convey different stories. I’m most inspired by the two blogs I already talked about (Hark! a Vagrant who uses comics to tell funny stories of history and literature and Hyperbole and a Half who illustrates funny parts of her stories).

I will post something I have made later today/tomorrow because right now, I have to read 400 poems (warning: little bit exaggerated) for class tomorrow. And I mainly wanted to put this out there so that I had something written that I had to hold myself to. *Affirmative head nod inserted here*

This was almost a waste of a post. I say almost, because now you get the delightful picture of THIS:

Dwight is shouting “WE WILL BURN UTICA TO THE GROUND!” Whilst still in his silly disguise.


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